Wednesday, June 01, 2005


AFA targets Ford for a boycott

American Family Association has targeted Ford Motor Company for a boycott because Ford "promotes the homosexual agenda". The details are available at the Boycott Ford website. I must say, before I read that site, I had no idea how gay-friendly Ford was. We need to support Ford on this.

I have started a counter-petition, which is available at PetitionOnline. Please sign the petition. Please note, I have a required field "ford products owned". Check the "Boycott Ford Website" to see if you own a Ford product first. I want them to know there are customers who support them.

Action items:

1. Sign the petition.

2. Call Write to your local Ford dealer, you can get this information at the Boycott Ford website.

3. Write to Ford or call them to express your support, the contact info is here.

4. Ask some of your like-minded friends to take action.
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