Sunday, June 19, 2005


Dispatch from the North

Tulsa, that is. For once we are behind the curve.

This is a little old, but too good to pass up.

The Tulsa zoo has an exhibit that shows elephant images in various cultures, such as Ganesh and the Republican elephant mascot.

Well, the municipal government's gone and decided that since there's a statue of Ganesh and of a Native American with a spiritual inscription, that Christians are being discriminated against ... so there's got to be an exhibit depicting a six-day creation. No word on which Biblical creation account they are going to use. City attorneys say the exhibit will depict creation stories from multiple religious and cultural traditions.

Zoo officials say it will take six months or so to organize the exhibit, and that they are concerned that "we are going in the wrong direction". Look on the bright side, creation stories are fun. I've always been partial to the Norse Creation story, but maybe that's because of the beautiful illustration of the event in D'Aulaire's book of Norse Myths (which is being reprinted.

I think someone didn't think this one through. In real life, many conservative preachers won't share a pulpit with non-Christians. In zoo life, their Creation account will essentially share a pulpit with other creation accounts. How does this solve their problem, really?

And how long before our local Texas zoos get hit with demands for equal time for Creation Science?

AP article here.

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