Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The Education of Shelby Knox

... is a documentary film that chronicles the (unsuccessful) battle of the Lubbock Youth Commission, and in particular a young lady named Shelby Knox, to introduce comprensive sex education into the public school system.

The film contains extensive footage of the "True Love Waits" program, which is quite valuable in terms of seeing how abstinence-only programs work and what is taught.

In addition, the film shows how Shelby develops into a fairly liberal democrat in light of her experiences. In addition to her sex education work, she befriended some youth who were attempting to start a Gay-Straight Alliance in Lubbock high schools. It is interesting to note that hundreds of GSA cases have been won, but the Lubbock case was lost on the basis that permitting the group would conflict with the abstinence-only policy.

In the discussion after the viewing, Shelby noted that she thinks that the abstinence-only policy remains in effect at this point, not because the parents want it, but so that the GSA ban will remain effective. For Shame - that these parents would consider their kids' safety and health to be less important than banning a support group for gay kids. Eh, but I guess the parents don't know the difference between a support group and a sex club. What else would you expect from a locality where the picketers scream at young ladies (like Shelby) entering the Planned Parenthood facility (that does not perform abortions) "Don't kill your baby!". On second thought, maybe they were just concerned that Shelby was getting
birth control pills from Planned Parenthood.

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