Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Pennsylvania and Intelligent Design

Two items from Pennsylvania:

1) From Agape Press, an interview with proponent of the intelligent design bill in the PA legislature, Dennis Leh. Here's what Leh thinks PA students need to know:

School children "need to realize that evolution is only a theory. It's not backed by sound science," he says, "and there are many, many scientists -- [including] bio-scientists and physicists – who do not believe in evolution."

When our schools let people graduate who have such a wrong view of what a theory is, something is drastically amiss. If you don't know what I am talking about, have a look at Larry Moran's essay about the fact and theory of evolution, paying particular attention to the discussion of what a theory is.

That doesn't stop mechanical engineers, for example, testifying that evolution is not "true science" because it is a "theory" and not a "law", but jeez, we need to call them on this BS.

Item 2, from the latest NCSE reports, which contained excerpts of depositions taken in the Dover, PA trial, the superintendent of schools enlightens us on the identity of the "master intellect" referenced in Pandas and People:

A. Aliens.
Q. Can you think of anything else [other than aliens or God]?
A. No.
Q. Using master intellect in that context, it must mean God or aliens?
A. In this context, yes.

Lovely, what they want to teach our children.
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